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SenseAir is a qualified member in many scientific networks. SenseAir´s history and extensive networking in the scientific community allow us both to generate and have access to exciting research results. We are proud to have been supported by external / governmental funding at several occasions during the last decade. This is a true quality evidence since there is a hard competition between all competent applicants. For instance, SenseAir is the only Swedish company that has been given the Research & Grow fundings from Vinnova at three occasions! SenseAir is an active part of the EU action EuNetAir which had its first workshop in Rome 4-6 Dec 2012. The action belongs to the COST framework in Europe: Co-Operation in Science and Technology. Around two members from each European country has joined the network to discuss air quality from an environmental point of view, focusing on pollution from unhealthy gases, odors and particles. As a sub-group leader in EuNetAir, Ingrid Bryntse at SenseAir is a member of the programme committee.

We have gained a lot of knowledge thanks to all external research projects and our collaborators have inspired us to create novel gas sensors and to significantly improve product key-components.

Our collaboration with Academy has also resulted in publications as well as diploma reports or doctoral theses.


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