SenseAir´s gas sensors are complex products, composed of many carefully chosen details. We are world-leading in the CO2 sensor market only because we are designing and testing our products close to the scientific forefront within high-performance optics, electronics design, materials chemistry, measurement algorithms and signal conditioning.

Around 1/3 of the company manpower is dedicated to highly scientific R&D as well as advanced Production Technique. The excellency of SenseAir´s development resources is proven by the fact that these resources also are highly appreciated as consultants in external projects aiming at novel ultra-precise sensors, such as the new Alcolock in co-operation with Autoliv and Hök Instrument.

In addition to our specialized R&D resources, we have a wide range of qualified in-house lab equipment, as well as a possibility to use external labs and instruments in co-operation with companies and universities – for example at Acreo Fiberlab in Hudiksvall and the Ångström Laboratory in Uppsala.