Environmental Policy

SenseAir AB develops and markets infra-red gas meters for an improved environment, for example lower energy consumption and a safer working environment. Our work with the environment should be a part of the creation of a sustainable society and contribute to sustainable profitability for the company and in addition a strong brand. SenseAir AB is aware of global environmental issues and its own potential to affect them both directly and indirectly. SenseAir shall therefore:

•  Conduct business in such a way that possibilities and risks are assessed from an environmental perspective.
•  Co-operate closely with customers and suppliers on environmental issues.
•  Follow current legislation and regulation throughout the business.
•  Strive to reduce and prevent pollution.
•  Pursue an internal environmental work policy which leads to continual improvement via information, education in environmental questions and internal environmental targets.
•  Make use of the involvement, knowledge and awareness of the workforce.
•  Continually develop and improve our products, ensuring that they are used in applications which contribute to energy savings and safety improvements.  

SenseAir´s Environmental Management System is certified with ISO 14001:2004