SenseAir has a long experience in CO2 measurements. We are producing many variants of high-quality carbon dioxide sensors and today SenseAir is world leading within the CO2 sensor market. Some examples of carbon dioxide applications are: ventilation control,  incubator and green house monitors, alarm systems, containers and chicken hatcheries. 

SenseAir offers the possibility to detect both carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, CO,
see product information. SenseAir has developed sensors for hospitals, where the gas is used as an anaesthetic substance called laughing gas, dinitrogen oxide. Also, SenseAir is part in a Vinnova project, for measuring the evaporation of N2O as well as methane, CH4  in soil and manure. 

Together with Autoliv AB and Hök Instrument, SenseAir is focusing on two exciting projects concerning new alco-lock systems for preventing drunk driving. Simultaneously the new sensors will detect both carbon dioxide and ethanol, C2H5OH.

As a CleanTech company SenseAir is  proud of developing a freon alarm device.

SenseAir is developing alarm sensors for detection of gas leakage from burners or kitcheners. We are focusing on LPG Liquefied Petroleum Gas . A leakage of hydrocarbons, for instance gasoline from a car in a closed garage, can lead to an explosion in connection with a spark. SenseAir is developing new alarm systems for hydrocarbons.

Respiratory monitoring.