The program enables you to setup and adjust meters produced by SenseAir AB. Using the "User interface program" it's possible to log meter measurements and to control meter functions. It's also possible to save and restore complete meter configurations to/from files.
Download UIP5 (version Released 2017-02-02 UIP5 currently supports the platforms:
• eSENSE (K50)
• aSENSE (K40, not all versions)
• aSENSE (K45)
• tSENSE (K70)
• K33
• K30
• K22 (-OC and -LO)
• S8

UIP5 currently supports these connections:




USB Cable
ArtNr: 00-0-0049

UART Cable
ArtNr: 100471



I2C Box
ArtNr: 00-0-0012
(Sold as part of SADK.

Installation note important to read