CO2 Engine® ICB

CO2 Engine ICB measures high concentrations of CO2 and can be used in control and alarm applications. The K33 sensor platform CO2 Engine K33 can be customized for a variety of sensing, control and alarm applications.



Key benefits

-Low power module




This platform is designed to be a low power OEM module for built-in applications in a host apparatus.



Standard Specification
Operating Principle Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR)
Measured gas Carbon dioxide (CO2)
Measurement range 0 to 30%vol
Dimensions 5,1 x 5,7 x 1,4 cm (Length x Width x approximate Height)
Maintenance Interval Maintenance-free*
Life Expectancy > 15 years
Operation temperature range 0 to +50°C
Operation humidity range 0 to 95 %RH (non-condensing)
Power supply 5-14 VDC max rating, stabilized to within 10% (on board protection circuits)
Power Consumtion 40 mA average
< 200 mA average during IR lamp ON (120 msec)
< 250 mA peak power (during IR lamp start-up, the first 50 msec)
Response timeT90 <20s, diffusion or tube IN/OUT (0.2l/minute gas flow)
Warm-up time 1 min
OUT2 D/A Resolution ......................... 5 mV
Linear Conversion Range ........ 0 - 5 VDC for 0 – 20%vol.
Electrical Characteristics ........... ROUT < 100 Ω, RLOAD > 5 kΩ, Power input > 5,5 V

*Maintenance-free with using SenseAir ABC Self calibration using for normal indoor applications. Product Additional features
033-9-0001 CO2 Engine® ICB PWM (pulse width modulation) output, linear 0 to 5 V
033-9-0006 CO2 Engine® ICB-F PWM (pulse width modulation) output, linear 0 to 5 V, tube in/out ( gas sampling)




Product specification
CO2 Engine ICB

CO2 Engine ICB F