We have a unique close co-operation with our customers which helps us create optimized sensor solutions adjusted to the many different technical, as well as geographical, markets world-wide. This market feedback is most important to our continuous research and development work in order to consolidate our position as a world-leading company within the gas analysing business.

SenseAir® CO2 sensors are used in:

  • Energy saving intelligence and comfort added features, to traditional ventilation components like stand-alone fans, exhaust valves, window openers, fresh air supply actuators, etcetera. 
  • Process yield and economic outcome in many bio-related processes, such as in greenhouses, mushroom farming, food transportation /storage, chicken hatcheries, incubators, dairying…. 
  • Personal safety - in confined spaces where combustion may be present, or gas leakage is possible, such as garages, tunnels, loading docks, public bars and restaurants, burners and kerosene heaters