Distributor of the year 2016

Posted on June 12, 2017

SenseAir has the pleasure to announce the winner of the Distributor of the Year Award for 2016.



The Distributor of the Year Award is this year, as usual, presented to a partner who is always looking for opportunities to sell our products and work with us in a collaborative manner. He also shows determination and a strong commitment to promote the SenseAir product line. With a dedicated approach to sales he has also been successful in growing our mutual businesses. SenseAir appreciates these efforts and is committed to support the winner of the Distributor of the Year Award in the years ahead.


Therefor we are proud to present Fresh Air Solutions as the 2016 winner of the Distributor of the Year Award.

Fresh Air Solutions tohether with our CEO Peter Lagesson.

Visit http://www.co2indicator.nl/ for more info.


We’re updating SenseAir!

Posted on June 12, 2017

During the spring, SenseAir has changed. We have started a new strategic journey and we are excited to finally be able to take you along!

During the summer, you’ll see changes in our graphical profile and how we’re presenting our products. We’ll also launch our new website!

We want to make things as easy as possible for you. If you do however get a little bit confused about us using two different logos during our transition, it’s only because we haven’t had time to update all our documents, but we're working on it. Please bear with us!



If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!


(We’re still the same independent company)

New CEO of SenseAir AB

Posted on November 11, 2016

SenseAir, world-leading manufacturer of advanced IR gas measurement solutions, has appointed Peter Lageson as new CEO of the company from December 1:st, 2016.


Lageson is a strategic and communicative leader with a broad experience from industry, technology and IT/professional services companies. Before joining SenseAir, Lageson most recent served as CEO of Nilar AB and was before that CEO of CrossControl AB from 2008-2013. CrossControl went during that period through major changes with a stronger market focus and significant quality improvements resulting in a substantial increase in sales and profit. He has also had various leadership roles for IBX, a company specialized in sourcing strategy and cloud-based services with a background from Ericsson.

Lageson holds a Master of Science degree from Luleå University of Technology as well as a licentiate degree in industrial economics.

Lageson succeeds interim CEO Lennart Ivarsson who has served SenseAir since 2014. Ivarsson came in as interim CEO and has very successfully stabilized the company, established a well-functioning organization and implemented actions to improve profitability. A strong foundation for growth has been built which gives Lageson a great opportunity to take SenseAir to the next level.

The solid starting point together with the strong experience and expertise of Peter Lageson, enables the company to see very bright at the future.

>> Click to download PDF

SenseAir winner in Innovation Competition

Posted on October 24, 2016

SenseAir wins the contest Boost Innovation™ with a contribution that aims to bring environmental measurements down to the ordinary citizens - in the form of an accessory which via wireless connection to mobile phone displays and maps air quality.


Photo: Fiber Optic Valley


The aim of the Boost Innovation ™ contest was to contribute to regional growth by stimulating transnational cooperation between different operators in Fiber Optic Valley's business areas - broadband and sensor technology, the collaborations that might ultimately lead to the development of new innovations.

The competition was marketed to universities all over the world to find the best solution proposals. In total, the competition reached almost one million people.

The winning entry from SenseAir in collaboration with Maryna Razakhatskaya, student in Creative Technology at Middlesex University London, called mohAir, is a creative and innovative proposal which involves wearing a hair pin accessory with an integrated gas sensor that outwardly indicates environmental awareness and at the same time contributes information about our environment. Something we believe is very timely, Henrik Rödjegård, researcher at SenseAir, says.

The accessory shows both how the air quality is right now by displaying the values on the mobile phone, while at the same time sending information to authorities and researchers to map and identify how emission sources look in a bigger picture.

The winner was awarded SEK 200 000 in pre-study funds, meaning SenseAir now will have the opportunity to continue to work on the project.
- The student who came up with the idea will be invited to make this project as student work, at the same time as we at SenseAir will implement a project to make prototypes, demonstrate the technology and inspire the market to create new products that SenseAir can supply sensors. It brings a market we could not imagine - but when you think about it, it has a huge potential, Henry Rödjegård says.

- And in the end, we’ll make the world a little bit better.


Open press release here >> SenseAir winner in Innovation Competition


Helen Fredin, Marketing Communications Manager
Phone: + 46 653 71 77 42

SenseAir one of three finalists in innovation competition Boost Innovation

Posted on June 23, 2016

The assignment of Boost Innovation was to describe our organization's greatest challenge. A problem that if it could be solved would mean greater competitiveness, higher profitability and more efficient operations for our company. Perhaps even entirely new markets.

The idea is to connect commercial needs with an innovative solution and this is what we came up with:

Boost innovation2


Do you have a solution? Apply today!


SenseAir at Sensor+Test 2016

Posted on April 26, 2016

Sensor+Test 2015 offers a multitude of opportunities to obtain first-hand information on the state of the art in sensor, measuring, and testing technology.

Meet SenseAir at stand: 1-502
Dates: May 10-12 2016


Opening hours:
Tuesday, Wednesday: 09:00 am to 6:00 pm
Thursday: 09:00 am to 5:00 pm

Sensor+Test 2015
Nürnberg Exhibition Centre

90471 Nürnberg

Tel +49 (0) 9 11. 86 06-0

Visit the event website to find out more about:
Sensor+Test 2015 at http://www.sensor-test.de/

To receive a free personal SENSOR+TEST 2015 admission voucher, click here.

We look forward to see you there!

Kallelse till årsstämma / annual meeting of shareholders

Posted on April 13, 2016

Aktieägarna i SenseAir AB (publ), org.nr. 556475-5519, kallas till årsstämma tisdagen den 24 Maj, kl. 18.00 i SenseAir AB:s lokaler, Furugatan 1, Delsbo

Anmälan m.m.

Aktieägare som önskar deltaga i årsstämman skall

dels vara införd i den av Euroclear Sweden AB förda aktieboken senast den 17 maj 2016. Aktieägare som har sina aktier förvaltarregistrerade måste, för att äga rätt att delta i årsstämman, begära att tillfälligt föras in i aktieboken hos Euroclear Sweden AB. Aktieägare måste underrätta förvaltaren härom i god tid före den 17 maj 2016.

dels anmäla sitt deltagande till bolaget under adress SenseAir AB, Box 96, 820 60 Delsbo, eller via e-post, meeting@senseair.com, senast den 17 maj 2016. Vid anmälan skall uppges namn, adress, telefonnummer, person- eller organisationsnummer samt registrerat aktieinnehav.

Förslag till dagordning:

  1. Stämmans öppnande
  2. Val av ordförande för stämman
  3. Upprättande och godkännande av röstlängd
  4. Godkännande av dagordning
  5. Val av sekreterare och en eller två justeringsmän
  6. Prövning av om stämman blivit behörigen sammankallad
  7. Framläggande av årsredovisning och revisionsberättelse
  8. Beslut om fastställelse av resultaträkning och balansräkning
  9. Beslut om disposition av bolagets vinst eller förlust enligt fastställd balansräkning
  10. Beslut om ansvarsfrihet för styrelsens ledamöter och verkställande direktören
  11. Fastställande av antalet styrelseledamöter och styrelsesuppleanter
  12. Fastställelse av arvoden till styrelsen och revisorer
  13. Val av styrelseledamöter och styrelsesuppleanter
  14. Val av revisor
  15. Stämmans avslutande

Redovisningshandlingar och revisionsberättelse kommer att finnas tillgängliga på bolagets kontor, Stationsgatan 12, Delsbo, senast två veckor före stämman, samt sändas till aktieägare som så önskar och begär och uppger sin postadress.


Delsbo i april 2016,


SenseAir AB (publ)


20 years of proven operation at the Kremlin

Posted on March 17, 2016

Do you see the white sensor to the left of Vladimir Putins head? The SenseAir CO2 sensor K05 for indoor air quality was installed by TAC Finland in 1995. Recent videos show that it's still in use, two decades later.


Click on image to enlarge. Click here to open video.

SenseAir at AHR Expo in Orlando

Posted on January 14, 2016

AHR EXPO is the world's largest HVAC marketplace.


Meet us at booth: 1362
Dates:  January 25-27 2016

Opening hours:
Monday, January 25: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Tuesday, January 26: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Wednesday, January 27: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Orange County Convention Center
9899 International drive, Orlando, FL (map)
Tel: 203-221-9232

Visit the event website to find out more about:
AHR Expo 2015 at http://www.ahrexpo.com

We look forward to see you there!

SenseAir prototype in weather balloons to measure climate change

Posted on December 16, 2015

Weather balloons

By flying weather balloons with a high accuracy SenseAir carbon dioxide sensor prototype into the upper atmosphere, scientist are trying to build a more precise picture of the carbon dioxide 'blanket' that causes global warming. An example of how our sensor can play an important roll in fullfilling the agreements made during the UN Climate Change conference in Paris. Sky News filmed one of the flights.