SenseAiris a development and production company within the gas analyzing business. The business idea is to use the unique SenseAir low-cost IR technology to solve problems of societal and global importance, and to be able to offer the customers reliable and flexible products at low prices. Since 1994 SenseAir has averaged an annual growth rate of 23%. In January 2012 SenseAir has currently about 120 employees. 1/3 of these people are working with R&D. Some of them are graduated PhDs devoted to advanced research within the area of IR gas sensing and related components technologies.

The goal is to continue the research and consolidate the position as a world-leading company within the low-cost gas analyzing business. The basic principles for infrared gas sensing are well known and proven to be very reliable but also quite expensive. To change this cost situation, SenseAir in the early 90´s started the development of a revolutionary, simple and low-cost wave-guide technology adopted for mass production. Since then about one million SenseAir IR sensors have been installed all over the world by leading building management and control companies. Today, SenseAir is the single largest supplier of CO2 sensors in the world.


Lennart Ivarsson, CEO
- SenseAirs Board of Directors has appointed Lennart Ivarsson, 55, as interim CEO of the company as of June 23rd 2014. Lennart Ivarsson has served as Chairman of the Board during the last year and brings a continuity to the management of the Company meanwhile the Board of Directors search for a permanent solution.
The Board of Directors has appointed Magnus Jonsson as Chairman of the Board meanwhile Lennart Ivarsson serves as interim CEO. Magnus Jonsson has served as Director of the Board since year 2012.


SenseAir has been awarded at many occasions for various reasons. We are extra proud over the following awards:

Frost & Sullivan 2011 European New Product Innovation Award, for the novel product SenseAir S8. The Award was announced in London May 18. Read more

In december 2006 SenseAir was given the Frost & Sullivan Product Innovation Award, concerning maintenance-free gas sensors for better Indoor Air-Quality measurements. Read more